Prem Poison Panga: Will Jui’s Supernatural Secret Stumble Out In Front Of Everyone?

Ankita Tiwari

July 6, 2020


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The Zee Yuva show Prem Poison Panga is a supernatural romantic drama. The show is about an ‘icchadhari’ snake, someone who can shift shapes and become anything she wants. Jui (Sharayu Sonawane) is the snake. She belongs to a family that has ancient roots and secrets. She does not realise that both her parents are similar to her and can shift shape until recently. Jui’s boyfriend Alap and her friends Uday, Padya, and Antara are unaware of Jui’s situation. Only her parents, Kailas and Amruta, are aware of the girl’s plight. Jui and Alap’s love for each other raises some huge problems and twists in the show.

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The show begins with Jui’s first transformation into a snake. Alap tries to find her but she refuses to see anyone. She is slowly taught the rules and the repercussions of the boon (or bane) of being a shapeshifter snake. Amruta tells her no one can eat or drink anything she has tasted as it then contains poison. Jui finds it hard to believe that her entire life has changed and tries to come to terms with it. But Alap does not give up on Jui even when she goes through a difficult time. Jui skips on revealing the truth to Alap or anyone else even when her parents ask her to do so.

Prem Posion Panga
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Jui impresses Alap’s parents Malti and Madhav with her culinary skills and they decide to talk to Jui’s parents about marriage. When Malti asks Kailas for Jui’s horoscope, he makes a fake one to save his daughter. But Malti realises it is fake and huge drama follows. But Kailas apologises and makes up for the sake of Jui. While Amruta disagrees, Jui and Alap still go ahead with their relationship. Malti gifts Jui an heirloom that she breaks and suffers Malti’s wrath.

Aalap and Jui from Prem Poison Panga
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Jui decides to get hold of her life by winning over the Icchadhari mantra. She visits the dense jungle and heads for the serpent region. But Alap bumps into her there and brings her home safe. Jui meets Golu (a snake) in the jungle. He tries to help Jui get a hold over her problems. Meanwhile, Malti tries to make her life hell by deciding to get Alap married to Komal. Alap and Komal’s marriage is called off at the last moment as Jui convinces the bride to do so. Jui then marries Alap and they are welcomed home by Madhav and Uday. Malti refuses to accept Jui and makes her life difficult. Will everyone stumble upon Jui’s truth? Watch new episodes on Zee Yuva from 13th July to find out!

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