Prem Poison Panga: This Is Why Jui And Aalap’s Marriage May Become Null And Void!

Ankita Tiwari

July 8, 2020


3 min

When supernatural meets romance, the thrill expands to maximum! This is exactly what is happening in the Zee Yuva show Prem Poison Panga. Jui and Aalap are currently in seventh heaven as their marital bliss clouds them. But the problems surrounding this couple are far from over! Aalap’s mother Malti is not ready to accept Jui. She is bent upon creating difficulties in her daughter-in-law’s life. On the other hand, Jui has a set of her own problems. She has not overcome her transformation from human to serpent yet. Neither has she mastered the ichchadhari mantra. Her secret could be soon out in the open owing to her poor control over her body. But these are not the only problems that this young couple might face in the future.

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The biggest issue that needs to be resolved immediately is that the just-married couple might not be married at all! The couple got married officially at a ceremony when Aalap’s to-be-bride Komal refused to marry him. Jui stepped in and became Aalap’s wife. But Jui is not a normal human being. She is a shape-shifter snake. And the clan of shape-shifter serpents has their own set of rules. Just like Jui’s parents Amruta and Kailas are both shape-shifter snakes and are married to each other, Jui also needs to marry a shape-shifter snake to keep the secret safe.

Scene from Prem Poison Panga
Source: ZEE5

The laws of serpents also forbid the shape-shifters to mingle with the humans and marriage is off the bounds! Jui’s boon of being a serpent might turn into a curse when she realises that her marriage to Aalap is on unstable ground. The couple’s marriage might be declared null and void by the serpent clan and there is nothing Jui can do unless she breaks free from her curse. But since Jui is already the owner of a powerful responsibility and has visited the serpent forest, it could be that Jui might convince the serpents to support her rebellion!

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