Prem Poison Panga Promo: Did Jui Accept Just Accept Aalap’s Proposal? Video Inside!

Jui and Aalap had broken up due to some serious differences. However, they have resolved the issues and come back together.

Manjiri Shete

November 28, 2019


2 min


Finally, Jui and Pratap’s relationship in Prem Poison Panga has hope for a bright future. The lead couple, who were having problems, have resolved their issues and come together. We never thought it would be possible since Jui has a deep dark secret which Aalap won’t ever be able to accept. However, Jui’s father found a way around this problem which gave Jui a hope that her relationship with Aalap might actually work. A heartbroken Aalap was the happiest man in the world after Jui returned to him. Want to know how these youngsters celebrated their patch up? Have a look.

Watch an episode of Prem Poison Panga below:

When Jui and Aalap broke up, it made us sad too knowing how much we were rooting for our favourite couple. Jui had to distance herself from Aalap because she is an ‘ecchadari naagin‘ and since Aalap hates reptiles, he would have never accepted her truth. Recently, Jui’s father found a spell which can help Jui handle her condition. Knowing this, Jui decided to reconcile her relationship with Aalap as both of them are madly in love with each other. To mark this day, Aalap decided to propose to Jui by reminding her how much she means to him. He, also, went down on one knee and gave Jui a ring which she happily accepted. Watch their beautiful moment below.

Are you having tears of happiness seeing Jui and Aalap come together? Because we definitely are. This just proves that the power of true love is so strong that nothing can come in between it. We would love to know your thoughts on Jui and Aalap’s relationship. Show them some love in the comments below.

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