Prem Poison Panga: 5 Things You Experience After Falling In Love Like Aalap and Jui

Manjiri Shete

July 20, 2020


3 min


Is your mind wandering back to the moments which you spent with your special someone? Are you finding it hard to focus on your work? Then, we have to break it to you that you might be in love with that person. After seeing Aalap and Jui’s courtship in Prem Poison Panga, we exactly know what being in love looks like. In case, you are new to this realm, then we have you covered. Here are things which you experience when you are into someone!

Watch an episode of the show below:

1. You Develop A Positive Outlook Towards Them

Everything that person, who you love, does is forgivable. You want to always portray them in a positive light and prove to yourself that you have made the right choice by picking them. You will keep rewinding all the good memories which you had with them.

2. You Develop Mood Swings

You will be at the peak of your happiness when they text you, but you will also become equally sad when they take time to reply to your texts or don’t speak to you for a longer period of time. Your emotions keep bouncing from extreme cheerfulness to anxiousness.

3. You Think About Your Future With Them

Since you think they are perfect for you, it isn’t uncommon for you to start planning a future with them in your head. You want to see yourself growing old and share little moments with them. Your mind will be full of romantic thoughts which you are rooting for it to come true at some point in life.

4. You Try To Find Mutual Interests

Finding what you and your partner enjoy is the way of bonding with them. So, don’t be surprised if you stalk your crush’s social media profile to find their interests and obsessions. This also helps you have an engaging and fruitful conversation with them.

5. You Become Possessive 

You want that special someone to be with you all the time. In case, you see that person spending their time with someone else, it is easy to feel jealous and anxious.

Can you relate to the things above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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