Prem Poison Panga: 5 Reasons Why Aalap Makes An Awesome Fiance!

Manjiri Shete

January 13, 2020


3 min

Most of the time in Prem Poison Panga, our focus of attention has always been Jui and her family. Amidst this, not much has been said about Aalap who is an amazing person. Since the beginning of the show, we have noticed Aalap being kind and generous with his family and friends. After Jui finally agreed to get engaged to him, we saw him play the role of a good fiance. So, we decided to chalk out the reasons of what makes him so special! Have a look.

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 1. He’s a good listener

Listening to your partner fully when they are talking is a skill which not everyone possesses. But, we have seen Aalap be an active listener. He always focuses on Jui’s talks and considers her problems when she is saying something. As Jui is seeking validation for her views from him, he always makes her feel heard.

2. He’s empathetic

Aalap is extremely considerate about Jui’s problems and never does he belittle them. There have been times when Jui and Aalap’s relationship hit the rough patch. During those times, he tried to understand what made her distance herself from him, instead of getting angry at her.

3. He’s committed to the relationship

We love Jui and Aalap’s commitment to each other. They both have been through uncomfortable times, but they always sailed through it. Like the time when Aalap’s mother was getting insecure about his changing behaviour. He convinced her that he is still her son while giving equal importance to Jui too.

4. He always has Jui’s back

We have never seen Aalap give up on Jui even when they broke up. He tried his best to get her back since he knew how important their relationship was to him. This value which Aalap gives to the relationship truly impresses us. The fickle-minded young generation today definitely has a thing or two to learn from Aalap.

5. He is a man of his word

This is one quality which most women look for in men. Whatever Aalap says, he stands by it while being honest and innocent with his virtues. Until now, the promises Aalap has made he always kept it.

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