Prem Poison Panga: 5 Personality Traits Seen In Every Millennial Like Jui!

Manjiri Shete

July 19, 2020


3 min

Prem Poison Panga’s Jui shows us the typical traits of every millennial. Believe it or not, the millennials have more to them than making their life a reality TV on social media. As Jui shows, we are embracing the feeling of being young and taking it to the next level On that note, let’s see the typical qualities that millennials are made of.

Before you proceed, watch an episode of Prem Poison Panga below:

1. Prioritising Travelling

Along with impulsive purchases, booking plane/train tickets on a whim isn’t strange to us. Travelling to various exotic destinations and experiencing the local cuisines is what we hold close to our heart. The previous generations used to save money to get married. However, these generations prefer saving for travelling and #wanderlusting. Amidst this, marriage can wait.

2. Excessive Use Of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is the biggest weapon that the youth uses today. Being present on these platforms is a bigger deal than making your presence felt in the real world. We, the millennials, take this very seriously and use social media to express our opinion, spread awareness and banish taboo.

3. Using Emojis To Express Themselves

In this busy and hectic world, no one’s got the time to express their feelings in writing. But luckily, there are emojis which correctly depict our mental state and mood. After all, when you have laughing smiley which accurately tells our loved ones that we are appreciating their sense of humour, do we really need lengthy messages to do the deed? (*inserts a winking smiley*)

4. Exploring Various Career Options

As per the by demands by the earlier generation for the youth to become either doctors or engineers, the young crowd isn’t limiting themselves to these professions. On the contrary, the millennials are busy creating unique careers for themselves. In this race to become successful, they aren’t afraid to follow their heart and take risks. For example, who would have thought becoming a social media influencer can take you places one day, right?

5. Becoming Health-Conscious

We may be open to taking risks with our careers, but not our health. Youngsters these days prefer investing in their well- being be it buying organic, healthy food or paying for fitness classes. Going by the youth’s health-conscious living, even the fitness industry is coming up with various options to cater to their needs.

Do you agree with the points above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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