Prabhu’s Character In Sathya Teaches 5 Things That We Should Take Inspiration From

May 24, 2019


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Sathya, a show that airs on ZEE5 speaks about different aspects of life, while it tries to highlight the issues that independent and free-thinking women have to face in society. In the series, we see the two main characters Karthik Prabhu and Sathya going through a series of ups and downs all related to their friendship and the emotion attached behind it. While actor Vishnu Vijay is seen playing the character of Prabhu, the role of Sathya is essayed by actress Ayesha. And it must be said that both these actors do justice to their characters.

Watch the complicated relationship of Prabhu and Sathya in the show.

Now the manner in which the character of Prabhu is created for the show, there might seem to be some flaws owing to which we see the conflicts in his relations. But honestly speaking, there are also quite a few aspects which one could draw inspiration from and imbibe in one’s life. So, let us look at five of those essential qualities that Prabhu possesses and that which could be adapted in your life.

Ayesha and Vishnu
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1. Humility

In the series, we see that Prabhu is a rich person who has a strong and supportive family. This should ideally have made him headstrong and biased about things and people. But in reality, we see him a humble man who finds happiness in small things.

2. Sensitivity 

He is a caring person who is sensitive to other person’s feelings and this is what makes him stand out from the rest. And this is also which some people like Divya (Koli Ramya) take undue advantage.

3. Friendly

Being a kind-hearted person also makes him friendly to most of the people he meets and this is why Sathya also likes about him.

4. Understanding

He is one understanding person who is there to help people in times of their needs and this is what makes him strong.

5. Fun Loving

The cuteness and innocence in Prabhu is something related to his fun-loving personality.  He is someone who likes to live life to its fullest.

So, which quality amongst these is going to be an inspiration to you? Share your thoughts with us.

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