Postman Episode 6 Written Update: John Learns The Truth About His Father

Tom Francis

April 13, 2020


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In the previous episode of Postman, Raja meets Sameer to give him the letter that his son had posted 23 years ago. In the letter, Sameer’s son talks about how he was abused by Dr Vishwa. Raja and Rajini are enraged to learn the truth about the boy’s death and the three of them plan to meet Vishwa to take revenge.

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Sameer meets Vishwa and confronts him about the truth, but the latter tells him the grueling details of how he abused his son. Vishwa reveals that he is a paedophile and he murdered the boy when he found out that he was trying to expose him to his parents. Sameer uncovers Vishwa’s crime by recording the whole conversation and revealing it on social media.

In the sixth episode of Postman, Raja and Rajini take the next letter to an advocate named John. Both are disheartened to see the receiver’s reaction when he tells them that the letter is from his father, who wanted to meet him last time. John also mentions that his father had abandoned him and his mother 23 years ago. Rajini suggests to John that he should visit the ashram where his father is residing, but the latter gets angry and calls his father a liar.

Rajini and Raja tell John that they have decided to visit the ashram and asks him to join them if he wants. When they reach the ashram, the duo is surprised to see John waiting for them there. John asks the caretaker of the ashram about his father. The caretaker informs them about the death of John’s father and also speaks highly of him. He gives John a bag full of money, but the latter refuses it.

The caretaker also reveals that John’s father could not come back to them as he was suffering from leprosy. John is shocked to know that his mother divorced his father and got married to someone else when she got to know of the disease. John asks the caretaker to use the money for the ashram upon learning the truth but the caretaker insists on him keeping the money as his father has already donated a lot. Will John accept the money? Stay tuned to find out!

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