Poove Poochoodava’s Shiva Is Unlike His Onscreen Character In Real Life, See Videos

June 11, 2019


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Poove Poochoodava was recently in the news when we saw that paradigm shift happening because of the actor who used to play the part of Shiva was replaced by Karthick Vasu. in the show, we see that Shiva’s character is not a simple character and just like Shakti’s (Reshma Muralidharan) it has folds of layers which makes it both complex and interesting, to watch, at the same time.  Now, Karthick Vasu is without a doubt a seasoned actor but needs to gauged is how will the fans of Poove Poochoodava serial make amends with this shift.

Watch the complex relationship of Shakti and Shiva in the series Poove Poochoodava.

Though it might take some time for Karthick to win the hearts of the Poove Poochoodava’s fans, but that does not stop you from taking a look at the personal life of the actor. Karthick it seems is someone who likes to take things in a fun manner, his Instagram posts with various other actors and his dear one depict a fun loving dude. So, let us now take a look at some of Karthick’s fun Insta posts.

Pulling that Vadivelu stint just looks wonderful! His reactions are the best.

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mama ponuga kuda fun 😘

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Now that looks like a romantic hero at work!

Aaa..ahem! What was that??? Sure looks like fun dancing!

Surely Karthick seems to be a Vadivelu fan. I mean so much dedication to Vadivelu comedy scenes!

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Now, it is not just acting, dance and comedy that this actor can handle but it is also some romantic songs!

Karthick’s version of Shiva is definitely going to be different from Dinesh Gopalaswamy’s depiction but what must be understood is that each actor has his/her own style of creating certain things about a character. We are totally loving this side of Karthik when the actor isn’t shooting. What do you think?

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