Poove Poochoodava’s Shakti Will Help You Deal With Mid Week Blues With Her Insta Posts

May 30, 2019


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Reshma Muralidharan is without a doubt a good actor who has made the character of Shakti eternal in the minds of the hundreds of viewers of the show Poove Poochoodava. Now, if one were to ask if Shakti is a typical woman who you would meet on a daily basis, I would say that yes she is a typical woman, in the sense that she has feelings and her ups and downs. But I would also add that she is different from the typical lot, in a sense that she is strong who aides with positivity and tries to balance her roles in a family while also trying to maintain her individuality.

Watch the struggle that Shakti has to face in the series Poove Poochoodava.

Shakti finds the challenge in the show in the form of her step-mother-in-law who tries to dismantle her relationship with her husband Shiva (Dinesh Gopalaswamy). But in the midst of all the struggle and challenges what Shakti teaches us is, to not to forget to smile and take life as it comes to you. Now, as if her screen positivity and aura were not enough for us to be motivated, her Instagram page is another source which could act as a beacon of motivation.

So, here are some of her posts from Instagram that are worth some appreciation and motivation.

A beautiful post with a wonderful message. Now, as mentioned in the post do not try to understand the emotion behind this message but try to feel it.

Like the actress let your search for true love not be restricted by the shades of race, creed and type. Love is love and is what we all need in its purest form.

Sometimes, take out time to walk into nature with that open mind and let yourself loose so that your soul finds you.

Make a tryst with silence, in such a way that it becomes not your lack of an answer but an answer to the many haunting problems.

So, which among these do you relate to? Share your thoughts with us in the section given below.

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