Poove Poochoodava Completes 600 Episodes, A Look Back At The Journey So Far

May 17, 2019


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Poove Poochoodava has set a standard for the other series to follow. The show which streams on the ZEE5 completed its two years of airing time only a few days back and now it has crossed another milestone. The show completes 600 episodes today. Now, this is no small feat to achieve, to be accepted and appreciated for two long years and across the span of six hundred episodes, definitely means that it has created a permanent mark in the minds of the audience.

Watch the fun and conflict as it happens in the show Poove Poochoodava.

Everything about this series is unique, so be it the strong character of Shakti, a role essayed by Reshma, who tries to bridge the gap in her family while also making an attempt to get close to her husband. All of this is done with a constant stream of positivity and goodness. Or be it the character Paatti who finds happiness in creating issues for Shakti and Shiva.

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Apart from them, Shiva, a role played by Dinesh is also something that makes this series a gem in the arena of TV shows. This angry young man who tries to manage his role as a son and as a husband should be taken as an ideal example. So, are the cute couple Sundhar and Meenakshi who stay within the premises of the story and flourish in their own space.

Similarly, each and every character contributes to this story and the fun element which makes the series a fun-filled roller-coaster ride where after every issue there is a possibility of happiness and excitement. Thus, this series gives us a different take about life which is, life is filled with happiness, you just need to look in that direction.

So, go ahead share your story about why you like Poove Poochoodava in the section given below.

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