Pookalam Varavayi: A look at the moments that make Sarath everyone’s favourite character!

Here are some of the best moments from newcomer Sarath that makes him a fan favourite on Pookalam Varavayi.

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September 16, 2020


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If there is one character who became everyone’s favourite in a short while, it’s none other than Sarath from the Malayalam serial Pookalam Varavayi. His charismatic presence and fun chemistry with Samvrutha have entertained us in many ways. His hilarious one-liners and comebacks with Samvrutha are few things to look after in every episode. For those who loved him on the show, here are the best 4 moments from him worth enjoying!

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1. Sarath fights with Samvrutha for the rickshaw 

Sharath from Pookalam Varavayi (Source:ZEE5)
Sharath from Pookalam Varavayi (Source: ZEE5)

One of the best moments from Sarath comes when he meets Samvrutha for the first time. The duo tries to catch the same auto-rickshaw and soon gets into an argument. Samvrutha’s wit gets Sarath to give her the auto but the driver denies the fare. Hilarious moments follow as the rickshaw driver judges them for fighting like kids in the middle of the road.

2. Samvrutha makes Sarath fight for her

Sharath fights for Samvrutha (source:ZEE5)
Sarath fights for Samvrutha (Source: ZEE5)

Samvrutha is known to be one who always gets into trouble for her mischief. As she hurls her comebacks at several men who commented on her, Sarath is made to interfere. Samvrutha tells the men that Sarath is her husband and makes him fight with them. Sarath who was not prepared for a fight starts getting beaten up by the men but luckily his friend comes for his rescue. It was one of the best moments by Sarath as he figures out how unpredictable Samvrutha can be.

3. Sarath gets beaten up by Samvrutha

Sharath and Samvrutha from Pookalam Varavayi (source:ZEE5)
Sharath and Samvrutha from Pookalam Varavayi (Source: ZEE5)

Sarath visits Parvathy and Yatheenthran to return the money he borrowed from them as he was getting tricked by Samvrutha for a new phone. As Sarath starts counting the money, some of the notes fall under the bed. As he crawls on the floor to get the notes, Samvrutha walks into the room. She thinks that Sarath is an intruder and starts beating him up. Hilarious moments follow as Sarath is beaten black and blue as Yatheenthran also joins Samvrutha in catching the intruder.

4. Sarath takes his revenge

Sharath complains about Samvrutha (source:ZEE5)
Sharath complains about Samvrutha (Source: ZEE5)

As Sarath is saved by Parvathy from getting beaten up, he notices that Samvrutha is a part of the Puthanveedu family. Sarath decides to teach her a lesson and complains to Parvathy that Samvrutha has caused all the trouble in his life. Parvathy slaps Samvrutha for tricking Sarath into buying her a new phone. Before leaving Sarath also finds time to complain to Yatheenthran about Samvrutha.

So, which was your favourite moment from Sarath on the Malayalam serial Pookalam VaravayiTell us in the comments below!

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