Pondemonium, Agi Bagi: 6 Animated Shows That Toddlers And Preschool Kids Will Love


May 22, 2020


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1. Pondemoniun

Parents, if your kids are toddlers or of preschool-going age, we got a list of kids shows just for you! At a time when they have to spend all their days at home and not in a playroom or a park, this compilation of animated shows will provide them with hours of delightful entertainment. Here they are!

In Pondemonium, Joe Croaker and his pal, Cosmo, live in a marsh with many of their friends from both the animal and insect species. As they embark on a series of adventures, they find out the true value of friendship, especially when things aren’t going too well.

2. Agi Bagi

Agi Bagi is an animated series dedicated to the preschoolers everywhere. It is a mix of adventure with a bit of ecological education. The series tells us about the planet with two sides, Agi and Bagi, and the relationship between the two tribes which inhabit the planet, which are Agingas and Bagingas.

3. Marvellous Milly

Marvellous Milly is an animated show revolving around the exciting life of six year-old Milly, who makes optimal and economic use of everything that her father, a great professor, invents. In the first episode, Milly’s aunt is visiting and doing what she likes doing best — tidying up the Professor’s Inventing Room. When her vacuuming device threatens his new Eat-Up-Your-Greens Machine, Milly invents a contraption to distract her!

4. Doggy Day School

Doggy Day School is all about the adventures of the dogs that go there! In the first episode, the usually irrepressible Lucas is having a very bad day. He inadvertently breaks a water dish and then accidentally puts his paw in a pail of paint and leaves red paw prints all over the day care. Poor Lucas slinks off into a corner and wishes he weren’t so clumsy!

5. Crazy Candies

In the midst of ordinary life in Magic Dream Jar, the extraordinary happens because of Marshyo and his best friend Jacky. The two inseparable friends go to school together, work in the Bao house together and go through difficult situations together. Watch Crazy Candies and join them!

6. Wumpas World

Wumpas World is a magical one. An animated series for preschoolers, we see some brilliant puppetry and adorable characters. In the first episode, a rare and warm breeze comes to the north, and everyone is delighted — everyone except Tiguak, that is, who for some reason wants to keep the weather nice and cold. What’s going on with that? Find out by watching it!

Which of these animated shows for toddlers are you going to watch first? Let us know with a comment below.

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