Planning To Get Inked? Check Out These Cool Tattoo Styles Inspired By Ssudeep Sahir

Ashutosh Oak

November 27, 2019


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1. Ssudeep Sahir's Love For Tattoos

Tattoos are indeed special as they mean a lot to a person. In India, people love to get tattooed to express themselves better. And just like all of us, here’s one TV celeb who has more than one tattoo on his body and all of them have a deep meaning. Actor Ssudeep Sahir, who plays Krishna in the popular mythological show Paramavatar Shri Krishna, has nearly six tattoos on his body. Like the one you see in the picture, he and his wife Anantica Sahir have a tattoo on their forearms that says ‘Always.’

Watch the latest episode of the show below:

Now it depends upon person to person whether they want to dedicate their tattoo to their loved ones, or their profession or life or anything that is important to them. But if you are still confused about getting your first tattoo then check out these cool designs below.

2. Religious Tattoos

The most common tattoo that people like to get in India is ‘OM’ which holds the utmost importance in Hindu mythology. The design, size and colour can be customised according to you. You can also go for tattoos of other gods like Lord Shiva or Ganesha.

3. Mehendi

Now, this is a trending style of tattoo in India. Mehendi-style tattoos are basically the designs that are used in mehendi done  with permanent ink. If you love making mehendi, then this is something perfect for you.

4. Caligraphy

Many people love to get their own names tattooed in calligraphy style. There are also people who get their loved one’s names tattooed. If you wish to surprise your loved ones with a very special gift, then this is it.

5. Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are known to keep us away from bad dreams as it also attracts positive energy. That said, the dream catcher has very nice designs of feathers that go with every attire you carry.

6. Feather/ Wings

Feather and wings indicate one’s expression of freedom. It has a lot to with the person’s personality and their ideology.

7. Watercolour

Watercolour tattoos are the most popular and colourful tattoos all over the world. The bold colours and illustrations can get you noticed the moment you enter a room. These are highly preferred by people who are ready to sport vibrant colours on their body.

8. Zodiac Sign

Every individual wants to get a tattoo that suits their personality. And what could be better than getting your own zodiac sign as it reflects your personality traits?

9. Bio-mechanical Tattoo

Are you an Iron Man fan? If yes then this would be the perfect tattoo for you. You can get a part of your body tattooed as the Iron Man suit. These are called as bio-mechanical tattoos where a part of your body is designed as if it is a mechanical part installed in your body. This also works great if you are an automobile enthusiast.

That being said, let us know which tattoo design you have finalised.

Also write down more suggestions in the comments section.

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