Pipsi: How Chaani’s Personal Journey Sheds Light On The Severe Water Crisis In Maharashtra

Rukmini Chopra

August 4, 2019


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Pipsi starring Sahil Joshi and Maithili Patwardhan is a unique not only because it tells a heartwarming tale but also highlights an important social issue. Directed by Rohan Deshpande, this film tells the story of two kids Chaani and Balu, who go to great lengths to save the former’s mother. Chaani’s world is turned upside down when she learns that her mother is sick and has just three months to live. She and Balu come across a story in where an ailing king’s spirit resides in a fish and as long as it is alive, nothing can happen to the king. As a result, Chaani and Baalu start believing that if they save a fish, they can save the girl’s mother.

Watch the whole film here.

Chaani catches hold of a fish and starts preserving it. But this task is more difficult than she anticipates, due to the water crisis in her village Vidarbha. Chaani struggles to find water for her fish at every step, and this sheds light on the severe droughts that often plague Maharashtra. Many villages have been affected by the water crisis in the recent past and as a result, thousands of farmers have committed suicide. This alarming fact has been highlighted in the film and what’s amazing is that it’s through Chaani’s personal journey that viewers are made aware of it.

A Still From Pipsi
Source: ZEE5

There’s no preaching of any sort in the film. The events unfold as Chaanu continues her mission to save her mother. The symbolism in Pipsi is what makes it such a gripping film to watch. The narrative is also ridden with hope, which forms the crux of the film. Pipsi reminds us that hope can change the world and even save lives. 

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