Phulpakhru’s Revati Is Someone We Look Up To, Here’s Why!

With time, Revati has been one of our most favourite characters on the show!

Manjiri Shete

July 3, 2019


2 min


There is nothing more impressive than watching strong female leads who live life on their own terms. We can’t help marvel their jaw-dropping one-liners along with their super cool personality. So, as we speak about this, we have to mention Revati’s character from Phulpakhru. Initially, when Revati entered the show, she wasn’t one of our favourite characters. But, soon after a couple of episodes, we warmed up to her character which has now become our favourite. So, on that note, let’s pay a tribute to Revati from Phulpakhru.

Watch the latest episode of Phulpakhru below:

In Phulpakhru, Revati may not throw kicks and punches or wear a superheroine costume, she is none the less our favourite human. She made her father’s dream her own and is solely responsible for RBK. Managing the company is a task, but she is doing easily without complaining. When Manas joined RBK, we saw her discuss her ambition of seeing the company bloom. Along with being an ambitious woman, our Boss Lady handles situations smoothly. Remember when Baba came to office? Manas was embarrassed by his dad’s appearance at his workplace but it was Revati who congratulated Baba for remaining true to himself.

In various situations, Revati has been strict which won her many thumbs-down from her employees. However, being a boss never came in easy. After reading this, we would love to know if you love Revati’s character just as much as us? Give us a huge shoutout in the comments section!

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