Phulpakhru’s Love Song Between Manas And Vaidehi Will Become A Favourite On Your Playlist

Manjiri Shete

May 17, 2019


2 min


Along with having youth-oriented love stories, the songs of Phulpakhru know how to charge us up. Long after the episode is over, we can’t stop replaying the music and reminiscing the memories that come along with it. As if, understanding our feelings, we got yet another #Mandehi song to devour after Manas started working with RBK. Unlike its predecessors, this song bears witness a new development in Manas and Vaidehi’s careers. Are you curious? Have a look!

Watch the episode of Phulpakhru below:

Vaidehi and Manas’ romance makes us believe that soulmates exist and marriage can be beautiful if both the parties put in an equal amount of effort. Manas is busy with his new job at RBK while Vaidehi is taking care of her company while handling Mahi. Knowing how busy their lives have gotten, Manas showed Vaidehi how much she still matters to him through his first live performance with the sweet melody of ‘Khallas Mi Hoto’. Zee Yuva gave a glimpse into it and we are unable to stop hearing it!

As seen in the video, Manas can’t stop missing Vaidehi while he hallucinates she is right in front of him. A poor Vaidehi is busy with solving her office drama as Manas hopes she would be able to attend his performance in time. Finally, Vaidehi rushes to the venue and catches his performance which gives him a boost to woo the investors.

Do you love Manas and Vaidehi just as much as us? Let us know in the comments, your favourite moments of them.

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