Phulpakhru’s Final Song Might Just Make You Emotional! Video Inside

As the Marathi serial Phulpahru ended, the fans can’t stop reminiscing the high points of Manas and Vaidehi’s love story.

Manjiri Shete

November 1, 2019


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Phulpakhru’s song playlist was just as powerful as the Manas and Vaidehi’s romance. The beauty of these songs is that they are perfectly tailored for whichever mood the fans are in. So, when Phulpakhru ended, Mandar Devasthali took this opportunity to shoot a final song in the wake of this most loved show on Zee Yuva. Just like the previous songs in the playlist, this, too, became widely popular within the fans of the show. Are you curious to hear the song? Have a look!

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

Phulpakhru’s journey was nothing short of amazing. Just after watching one episode, the audience became the serial’s hardcore fan. Understanding the growing interest, the director of Phulpakhru shot tunes which documented various phases of Manas and Vaidehi’s lives. So, when the show reached its end, we knew there was a song waiting for us. The speciality of this music is that brings all the old and new characters together. We see Ashish Joshi, Yashoman Apte and Advait Kadne dancing alongside Trushna Chandratre, Hruta Durgule and Priyanka Tendolkar. The best part is even the other Rege family members are grooving to Ashish and Yashoman’s tunes.

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"वे वो वे वो, आठवणी जाती उतू, वे वो वे वो, होऊनी फुलपाखरू…" वैदेही, मानस, दोस्ती गॅंग,माही, रेगे आणि इनामदार कुटुंब ह्या सगळ्यांना तुम्ही भरभरून प्रेम दिलंत. "फुलपाखरू" मालिकेतील प्रत्येक गाण्याला तुम्ही जोरदार खूप प्रतिसाद दिला. दोस्ती गॅंग मधली भांडणं, त्यांची कॉन्सर्ट, वैदेही – मानसचे लग्न, माही, RBK अशा सगळ्याच प्रसंगात तुम्ही साथ दिली. याच दोस्ती गॅंगचे हे गीत… पाहायला विसरू नका आजचा भाग, "फुलपाखरू" आज रात्री ८:३० वा फक्त #ZeeYuva वर. #Phulapakharu

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This video gave us ‘Hum Sath Sath Hai’ feeling. The fans too had an emotional response as they urged for Phulpakhru reboot in the comments section. Did you like the song just as much as us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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