Phulpakhru: Yashoman Apte and Ashish Joshi Impress Us With Their Bromance, Yet Again!

Manjiri Shete

September 16, 2019


2 min

Watching our favourite actors get along is one of best things that could happen to us. Because when these stars forge a bond, their social media is filled in sharing candid moments with each other on the sets of the show. This is exactly what happened with Ashish Joshi and Yashoman Apte, the stars of Phulpakhru. These Phulpakhru boys, while being vocal about their bromance, don’t leave an opportunity to troll each other. (#FriendshipGoals, aren’t they?). So, when Yashoman and Ashish united for a podcast, Yashoman happily in good spirits poked fun at his onscreen (and offscreen) best friend. Curious to know what he did? Check out the video below. 

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

You know the enthusiasm and humour is guaranteed when Ashish and Yashoman come together. The actors, who met on the sets of their Marathi serial, are close even in real life. From giving guitar lessons to doing a musical tribute to their friendship, these boys have done it all in the past two years of Phulpakhru. Recently, Yashoman showed us a scene in which both Ashish was having a hard time remembering his lines. This serious scene turned into a laughter riot as the camera rolled. 

Are you laughing after seeing the scene, too? We wouldn’t blame you. Apparently, Ashish’s character Sameer is giving a life advice to his dear friend Manas played by Yashoman. After reading this, don’t forget to tell us about your favourite character from Phulpakhru.  

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