Phulpakhru: Will Tanya Misunderstand Sameer And Revati’s Hug?

Looks like Sameer and Revati are in for a surprise!

Manjiri Shete

August 6, 2019


2 min


In Phulpakhru, Sameer and Tanya’s breakup was hard-hitting for fans. Like everyone’s condition after the separation, Tanya became restless in Sameer’s memories after he blocked her out of his life. In the last episode, Manas was seen making both of them meet. But, Sameer said that he will meet Tanya only on one condition, that is, she has to apologise to Revati. As Tanya agreed to do it, she again caught Sameer and Revati hugging each other. Do you think Tanya will apologise after witnessing this scene?

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

We are seeing Tanya was having a hard time dealing with her separation from Sameer. She was leaning on Vaidehi’s support while bouncing back from this phase in her life. On Manas and Vaidehi’s anniversary, Tanya subtly asked Manas about Sameer’s whereabouts. His silence was an answer to her. Finally, Manas has relented by taking an initiative to make Tanya meet Sameer. As Tanya entered Revati’s cabin, she saw Sameer hugging Revati. This would be the second time Tanya will see Sameer and Revati close to each other. Prior to this, she had caught Sameer holding Revati’s hand in her cabin which then led to a huge fight.

We wonder if this will lead to misgivings between her and Sameer yet again. Although we completely understand Tanya’s condition, we are sincerely hoping that she doesn’t impulsively change her mind and create misunderstandings.

After seeing last night’s episode, what are your thoughts about Sameer and Tanya’s relationship? Give this couple a shoutout in the comments below.

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