Phulpakhru: Will Revati Ever Improve For Good?

Revati seeks forgiveness from Manas for her behaviour. But, we can’t decide if she is really telling the truth.

Manjiri Shete

October 14, 2019


2 min


In Phulpakhru, the cloud of darkness which had come Manas’ way in Revati’s form has slowly started disappearing. In case you missed the drama that went down at RBK, let us fill you in. Revati falsely accused Manas of molesting her. Her allegations were overturned by Vaidehi who stood my Manas’ side and proved his innocence. After being left redfaced in front of her staff, Revati came to the Rege house to apologise to Manas and Vaidehi. After witnessing this, do you think Revati is truly apologetic or is this yet another new plan of hers?

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

When Revati entered Phulpakhru, we admired her for her strength and business mind. But, slowly as her and Manas’ friendship progressed, we saw Revati’s bitter side. She has played dirty office politics and used people for her own good. After Manas left RBK the first time, Revati was made to apologise to him. This did not go down well with her as she decided to take revenge from Manas for hurting her ego. So, if Revati is capable of go to great lengths, then, what makes you think that she will truly own up to her mistakes right now? Since Revati’s past record hasn’t been clean, we seem undecided about giving her a benefit of doubt.

On the other hand, not believing Revati would also mean not giving her a second chance. And, everyone deserves a second chance at starting anew no matter what. As we are stuck in this situation, we would love to know your opinion in the comments below.

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