Phulpakhru: We Think Sameer And Tanya Belong Together, Here’s Why!

Sameer and Tanya are slowly coming close to each other. Here’s what makes them so special according to us.

Manjiri Shete

August 22, 2019


3 min


In the last night’s episode of Phulpakhru, we saw Sameer speak about Tanya’s innocence and her charm right since their college time. Without him knowing, Tanya heard him appreciate her thanks to Manas and Vaidehi’s efforts. Now, as we are rooting for them to get back on track, there is no doubt in our mind that Sameer, too, loves Tanya the way she loves him. Seeing the episode, we are listing points why Sameer and Tanya belong together while we keep our fingers crossed. Check out!

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

1. Emotional closeness

Having known each other since their teenage years, Sameer and Tanya have practically grown up together. They know the partner’s likes and dislikes while respecting his/her limit. These feelings of closeness are not something that will fade easily.

2. Spending time with each other is a priority

Previously, when Tanya was working with Manas, Sameer used to follow her there. Amidst their jokes and serious conversations, they spent time with each other. We have witnessed Sameer and Tanya have an open conversation without trying to hide anything.

3. They balance each other’s personality

Sameer’s childishness is perfectly balanced by Tanya’s maturity. We have seen Sameer and Tanya equally work towards serious matters when Manas and Vaidehi had a fallout. Growing with them, we know that Tanya’s fiery nature matches Sameer’s coolness.

4. The appreciation that goes both the ways

Sameer isn’t always vocal about his feeling, but he ensures that Tanya feels like his queen. Tanya, on the other hand, is crazy about Sameer and is very expressive about her feelings for him. They are each other’s support system and the best cheerleaders.

5. Their care and concern for each other

During Sameer and Tanya’s breakup, he had behaved immaturely. Having said that, he has realised his mistake and is making up for it with his care for her.

What do you think about the above qualities? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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