Phulpakhru: Was Manas Right In Going Against Tanya?

Manjiri Shete

July 24, 2019


3 min

In Phulpakhru, the bleak future of Sameer and Tanya is bothering us. After seeing Manas and Vaidehi come together, we were rooting for Tanya and Sameer to work through their differences. But, the things didn’t go as planned after a huge fight between Sameer and Tanya involving Revati. Now, their break up is followed by an argument between Manas and Vaidehi. Manas, being Sameer’s best friend, is supporting him and talking mean things about Tanya in front of Vaidehi. Do you think it is right for Manas to do this considering even he and Tanya were close once upon a time?

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For over two years, we have idolised the Phulpakhru gang. Being with them through their highs and lows, they have become our extended family. Recently, things are not going well for everyone, after Sameer and Tanya fell apart. Their separation is also creating a crack between Manas and Vaidehi’s marriage. We saw Manas going against Tanya, who has always been a loyal girlfriend to Sameer. Vaidehi being her friend supported her and fought with Manas. After seeing this, we can’t help but be surprised by Manas’ decision to support Sameer who has been a womaniser and has always flirted with other girls while being in a relationship with Tanya.

Tanya from Phulpakhru
Source: ZEE5

Manas is taking Sameer’s side because they are close, but how right is it for Manas to support his friend even when he is wrong? Although we understand Tanya was wrong in humiliating Sameer in his office, her outburst at RBK was her piled-up frustration. We would really want both the parties to come close and talk to each other.

Do you think it is right for Manas to blindly help Sameer? We would love to hear what you have to say!

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