Phulpakhru Star Ashish Joshi Surprises Us New Song Fariyaad! Video Inside

Manjiri Shete

August 13, 2019


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“It is basically is a collection of memories. A dream that I have held close to my heart from 6-7 years.” said the Phulpakhru star Ashish Joshi when we asked him about the meaning behind his song, ‘Fariyaad’. By now, everyone knows, Ashish’s music skills are one to be taken seriously. So, we were keen on understanding the inspiration behind Fariyaad which steered the string of our hearts and made us hit the replay button. Learning our curiosity towards his new project, the star opened up about the rise and success of Fariyaad. Stay tuned!

But.. before you proceed, watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

Inspiration and new ideas come to us every now and then. But, the timing and rigour to chase them are two factors that matter. A similar event transpired as Ashish described how is started and stopped the making of this song during different phases in his life. For his own reasons, he felt the timing was not correct, but when he finished Fariyaad, it had already announced its “brilliant” entry. Not many of us know that this song is a musical tribute to the actor’s friend who was reason and inspiration behind the birth of this song. Speaking candidly, the star said, “When we started shooting I didn’t have a concept ready in my head. But, then, it came together due to everyone’s readiness and energy. It is really a dream come true.” It’s time to put on your headphones and enjoy the melody.

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Farry… I know I've always been late to the party, and I was a little late today as well. But thank you for always being there for me! Thank you for the craziness, and thank you for the sanity!!! . #instafamily … There is a story behind the song that I launched today. This song #fariyaad is written by my friend Faraaz, tuned by Ajay, back when we were in engineering. A few years ago, he left us. He had one of the most infectious laughter I have ever seen! We used to find ways, reasons to make him laugh, coz when he laughed, you'd forget your sorrows and you'd laugh as well. Infectious was what he was! His laughter, his mischief, his weirdness… Yeah just him. . Since the last 5-6 years, the period since which we have this void left by Faraaz, I had a dream, to realize the song that Faraaz had written, bring it out to the world, for the brilliant, almost poetic lyrics that is the song FARIYAAD!!! And it was almost a stubborn thought of launching, releasing this song on 29th July, since today is Faraaz's birthday. I'm pretty sure he's up there pulling some strings, which is why I managed to get it done this year finally! . I need to thank everyone who's put up with this stubborn idea of mine… Ajay, Akshay, Mitul, Abhishek, Mithilesh. Video call karte hai Bhai log jald se jald… . My dudes here, Sandy, Sneha, Nishad, Mansi, who were here pushing me toward it. . Vikram Khade, who had helped me with this few years ago. . @r_vishhal sir, you have this dream of mine new wings early this year! Thank you! . @hrishikesh_gangan … All I'm gonna say to you is, you piece of beauty!!! Got the feeling I had from our first HI, and just delivered it to me in the song!!! . @bhushanmohite and @one.portrait.please … Tumhala mi kiti traas dilay he tumhala Ani Malach mahitye. But they didn't back out! So thanks a lot!!! . @dineshcpotdar … This wouldn't have been completed without you!!! . And last but not the least, THANK YOU FARAAZ MALIK!!! This wouldn't have been this without you!!! Many Happy Returns of the Day! You will Always & Forever Be Missed!!!

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Narrating the incident with the same energy in his Instagram post, the actor wrote, “had a dream, to realize the song that Faraaz had written, bring it out to the world, for the brilliant, almost poetic lyrics that is the song FARIYAAD!!!”

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