Phulpakhru Redefines The Concept Of Love, Here’s How!

We love to see Vaidehi’s initiative to find Atya’s happiness on her behalf. What do you think?

Manjiri Shete

September 2, 2019


2 min


When you are born a woman, you have to be a thick-skinned warrior who won’t be deterred by the taunts thrown at her by society. It is all too often frowned upon to see a woman get remarried after a certain again. Like, the possibility of finding love completely goes out the window when you hit your 40s. Banishing this ugly concept, the Marathi serial Phulpakhru showed that a woman is the writer of her own destiny. We saw Vaidehi trying to set up Atya with Tanya’s uncle, Supu. What do you think about this?

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

Blame the mindset and the movies that convinced us that a woman has to get married in her childbearing years. If she doesn’t, the future chances of her finding a soulmate would be bleak. We often call such women as ‘spinsters’! But, rewriting this age-old myth, Phulpakhru showed us that women can do their own thing and your judgements can take a backseat. After going through an ugly divorce, Atya is trying to find her happiness. Vaidehi took this opportunity to try to bring Atya and Supu together. Both the parties, who are unaware of Vaidehi’s plan, will slowly be getting to know each other.

Although their first meeting was funny after Atya misunderstood Supu’s intentions, we still have hopes that they will make a great pair. Atya deserves a nice partner and Tanya’s uncle, a gentleman, seems like a perfect match for her.
What do you think about Vaidehi’s decision to get Atya and Supu closer? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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