Phulpakhru: Manas Has A Surpirse For Vaidehi On Her Special Day, Watch Video!

Manjiri Shete

April 24, 2019


2 min


We all love to love a heartwarming romance- be it one like Sairat or like Phulpakhru for the TV serial lovers. For the past two years, Manas and Vaidehi’s relationship has given us goals several times in various situations. Their support for one other proved that there is no higher power in the world that love and trust between two soulmates. Now, on the occasion of Vaidehi’s birthday, the couple yet again surprised us.

Before you proceed, watch Phulpakhru below:

We have been through the ups and downs of Vaidehi and Manas’ relationship. We have rooted for them through the worst of circumstances. Recently, Manas wanted to surprise Vaidehi on her birthday, so he made sure to leave no stone unturned. Starting with, he cooked her an elaborate breakfast, then gifted her roses. If that wasn’t enough, Zee Yuva teased us with more surprises that were waiting for Vaidehi on her big day.

In the video, as Vaidehi enters Manas showers her with confetti and promises to make her whole day memorable. Then, she is surprised by Sameer and Tanya who are holding candles and Atya has a cake in her hands. Manas and Vaidehi’s parents come to visit her on this special day.

This is all that we are allowed to reveal right now. To know more tune into tonight’s episode of Phulpakhru at 8.30 pm.

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