Phulpakhru: Let’s Take A Moment And Applaud Tanya’s Efforts In Letting Go Of Sameer!

Tanya gracefully is moving on from Sameer and having a positive outlook toward life.

Manjiri Shete

September 5, 2019


2 min


By now, we know the utmost impact our TV serials have on us. After a long and hectic day at work, we all want our shows streaming right on time and having some drama going on. But, today we aren’t going to discuss any drama, rather the positive effect that happened after a lot of drama. After dropping so many hints, by now you must’ve guessed that we are talking about Sameer and Tanya’s breakup in Phulpakhru. The nasty separation between the two terribly disappointed the romantic hidden within us. Post the breakup, Tanya was having a hard time coping with it. But, now, as time has passed, Tanya is dealing with this as nicely. So, we wanted to take a moment to speak about it!

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

Seeing Tanya in this state made want to reach out to her. Although Vaidehi was there, Tanya was still in a dark and lonely place where she attempted suicide. After she recovered from this incident, the old Tanya is back with a bang. She is living her life very positively with her bestie, Vaidehi, by her side. Even when Revati attempts in making Tanya jealous, she doesn’t bother to reciprocate. Like, remember the time when Revati hugged Sameer just get a reaction from Tanya? Well, her plan failed as Tanya was nothing but genuinely courteous towards Revati.

This improvement in Tanya has truly impressed us. She has come a long way from hating Sameer to sharing an amicable relationship with him. Although the pair is still isn’t friends, we will have to wait and watch if they reconcile in the future. After all, isn’t it said, never say never? We are rooting for them just as you are!

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