Phulpakhru: Let’s Appreciate Atya’s Efforts To Be Calm During Tough Times!

In Phulpakhru, Atya accepted her divorce with her husband way more peacefully than we expected. We are surprised.

Manjiri Shete

July 5, 2019


2 min


Our favourite show, Phulpakhru reached one of its most crucial points last night. The tension that had been building all this while around Atya’s divorce was let out. Manas asked Vaidehi to tell Atya about the divorce notice that was sent by her husband. We thought this would shatter Atya who was kept in the dark about the impending divorce by Aai and Baba. However, she accepted the reality quite gracefully which surprised everyone. So, in these dark times, let’s celebrate her for holding herself up proudly while her whole world was falling apart.

Before you proceed, watch Phulpakhru below:

You can read numerous Instagram quotes or the best self-help books which layout the guide to face divorce boldly. But, none of these written words will ever be able to sum emotions that you experienced during your relationship. Not a single page from that book will able to make you forget the memories and happy times that passed between just the both of you. Saying divorce is hard would be an understatement, the spouse who you wanted to grow old with is now the person whom you can’t stand. Knowing and understanding all this, Atya took the news of her divorce way more courageously than we had expected. She broke down in the kitchen while trying to accept this gloomy reality.

Vaidehi tried to go to follow Atya to the kitchen, but Baba stopped her from doing so. He wanted to give Atya the time to process this change in her life. Knowing Atya’s courage are you impressed by her just as us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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