Phulpakhru: How Can Tanya Start Being Happy After Her Break-Up With Sameer?

Even though the things seem bleak right now, Tanya shouldn’t give up hope.

Manjiri Shete

July 26, 2019


3 min


Never in our worst dreams did we think Tanya and Sameer would separate this way in Phulpakhru. The drama that went down has created a strong dislike between both the parties. For those of us who were waiting for #Samya’s union are left disappointed. As Sameer moves on with his new career at RBK, Tanya is left picking up the pieces of her broken heart. In this difficult state, only time will tell if Sameer and Tanya will ever find their way back to each other again. In the meantime, we have listed ways Tanya can move on and live a happier life.

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1. It is okay to be sad

After being with Sameer and making plans of growing old with him, the idea of separation can hurt. It is okay to cry out your feelings than storing them inside. We have all been in a dark place and know how much a breakup hurts. Tanya’s feelings are validated while knowing that she is not alone.

2.  Distance herself from Sameer

It is important for her to distance herself from Sameer at any cost. She can’t get burnt twice by the same flame. Knowing that he has blocked her, Tanya should use this opportunity to move on. In this state, she should avoid texting or calling him.

3. Involve herself in more activities

Now that she has cried over it and distanced herself from Sameer, it is time to get busy. She should make a list of all the things that she always wanted to do. In the beginning, it would be hard to adjust living without Sameer, but she has to do it. She could volunteer for a cause that she has always believed in.

4. Make notes of all the things that she is thankful for

Being in a negative space can often make you feel lonely as you build a wall around yourself. To prevent that from happening, Tanya can start being thankful for things and people in life who love her dearly. Her parents and Vaidehi are always supporting her; she is never alone.

5. Look at this as a new beginning

Enjoy singlehood! She doesn’t have to be dependent on anyone to make decisions. She is free and independent with a fresh new chance at living life! This includes making time for herself and doing things that she always thought were impossible.

We would love to know if you would love to see Tanya in a new avatar!

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