Phulpakhru Actor Yashoman Apte Aka Manas Is a Man Of Many Talents – Watch Videos

Neel Raju Nalawade

April 3, 2020


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Zee Yuva’s popular youth romantic show Phulpakhru starring Yashoman Apte and Hruta Durgule ended last year. The show told the story of a young girl Vaidehi (Hruta) who belongs to a rich family but decides to live life independently and self sufficiently. Eventually, she falls in love with Manas (Yashoman). After going through many hardships and struggles, the couple gets married and lives happily ever after. Yashoman as Manas impressed viewers with his calibre and garnered a huge fan following. However, very few know that the youngster has many other talents apart from being a skilled actor. We took a sneak peek into his social media profiles and learned that he is a drummer, a singer and a guitarist. Check out the videos below to see Yashoman’s proficiency in many art forms.

Watch the episode of Phulpakhru here.

1. A fantastic guitarist

Yashoman often posts videos of his jamming sessions on Instagram. In one of his interviews, he said that playing the guitar helps relieve his stress and makes him more productive in life. Looking at his video, we must say that his skill and mastery in playing the guitar is definitely bang on!

2. An excellent singer

Yashoman sings an unplugged romantic Hindi song in the video above. His voice is truly mesmerising and pleasing to hear. He recently launched his song named Shukriya which was based on friendship. If you haven’t seen the teaser of Shukriya, you can check it out here!

3. A skilled drummer

Yashoman is also a great drummer. In the video above, we can see his skills as he switches between multiple drums at a time. His many talents are definitely making him more popular among the female fans! What say, ladies?

Which skill of Yashoman did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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