Phulpakhru 9 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Shubham Tries To Harm Vaidehi?

After getting slapped by Vaidehi, Shubham tells a person to attack her while she is travelling back home.

Ashutosh Oak

May 9, 2019


4 min


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Revati asks Manas to write a new poem on an urgent basis but Manas tells her that she needs to calm down and sit in her cabin so that he can work without pressure. He then takes the teams to help and creates a poem the way Revati expected. At home, Vaidehi gets a call from the unknown caller again but this time Tanya tells her that she will find out who it is. Both of them then call back on the same number and find out that the person who used to call Vaidehi works for Shubham’s company.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Vadehi comes to meet Shubham and enters his cabin and asks everyone else including Tanya to wait outside. Without uttering a single word she closes the window blinders of his cabin. She then stands in front of Shubham and gives him a tight slap. Shubham gets shocked to see this and before he says anything, Vaidehi tells him that she knows that he is the same person who has been troubling her with blank calls. Before leaving his office, she warns him that if he doesn’t control his actions, she will call the police.

At home, Manas is worried for Vaidehi as she is not receiving his phone call nor messaging back. He asks Atya about Vaidehi and but she tells him that since she was playing with Maahi, she forgot to ask Vaidehi about where is she going. He then decides to go to office thinking Vaidehi might have gone there for some urgent work. After coming out of Shubham’s office, Tanya tells Vaidehi that she has done the right thing and he deserves it. But Vaidehi is worried as she is aware that Shubham won’t keep calm after whatever has happened. Both are on their way to return home. Shubham tells a person on a phone call to attack Vaidehi.

While travelling back, Vaidehi sees two people following her rickshaw. She tries to call Manas but he is unavailable as he is riding the bike. She gets an idea and asks the rickshaw driver to stop the rickshaw before the destination. She gets down from the rickshaw and walks towards the bikers. Seeing Vaidehi furiously walking towards them, they get scared and decide to run away. 

A few moments later, Manas sees Vaidehi and takes her home. Next day at the office, Vaidehi tells her employees that she knows about the culprit and she wants to give him a chance to confess till the lunch time or else she will announce it before everyone and call the police.

Who is the person who betrayed Vaidehi? Will he or she confess? Keep watching to find out.

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