Phulpakhru 9 August 2019 Written Update: Manas Disturbed With Revati’s Behaviour

In tonight’s episode, Manas comes to Revati’s cabin to present a new song but she makes wait for a very long time.

Ashutosh Oak

August 9, 2019


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In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Tanya is crying about her breakup with Sameer in front of Vaidehi who tries to console her. After Tanya leaves, Vaidehi is lost in thinking about Tanya when Atya enters. She shares her feelings with Atya and makes coffee for her. Meanwhile, Sameer is excited to do a new project which will be a surprise to Manas. Little does he know that this is Revati’s plan to take revenge from Manas.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Manas comes to Revati’s cabin to present a new song. She intentionally makes him wait for a very long time. After coming inside the cabin, Revati asks Manas to start the song. Just then, she gets a call from one of the investors and asks Manas to wait.

Seeing that Revati is busy with calls, Manas says that he should probably present the song later since she is busy. Revati agrees and this creates confusion in Manas’ mind. He then asks her if he can go home early as he is not feeling well. Meanwhile, Vaidehi takes Atya to the cafe where she used to hang out during her college days.

On the other hand, Manas reaches home and realises that he forgot to carry house keys. He tries to call Vaidehi but she doesn’t answer as her phone is at home. Later, Gaurav meets Vaidehi at the cafe and calls Manas to ask if he wants to join. Manas who is already irritated, says that he doesn’t want to go anywhere.

In the evening, Manas decides to go to a restaurant to eat something because he is hungry. After he leaves the house, Vaidehi and Atya come there.

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