Phulpakhru 6 August 2019 Written Update: Revati Belittles Manas

In tonight’s episode, Revati calls Sameer for an important business meeting and doesn’t include Manas in it.

Ashutosh Oak

August 6, 2019


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In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas is sleeping in Baba’s room because Tanya is in Vaidehi bedroom. At night, Manas calls her and asks her to meet downstairs. Just then, Atya comes there and catches Manas and Vaidehi. Next day, Baba teases Manas by reminding him about what he was doing in his dreams. Tanya requests Manas to talk to Sameer and convince him to talk to her once. He agrees on a condition that she should come to RBK and apologise to Revati for insulting her.

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In tonight’s episode, Manas is ready to go to the office after the incident. Vaidehi tells him to forget what had happened earlier and concentrate on his work. Tanya accompanies Manas to RBK as she wanted to meet Sameer and apologise to Revati.

After reaching RBK, Tanya enters Revati’s cabin and gets shocked to see Sameer and Revati hugging each other. Sameer then comes near her and tells her that they were doing the exact same thing what she had in mind when she came there the last time. He further says that the only reason why he asked Manas to bring her RBK was to clarify that they will never be together. Hearing this, Tanya walks away without saying anything.

At home, Baba and Aai are about to leave for Kolhapur as Baba has been called from his office. Before leaving, Baba tells Vaidehi to take care of everyone and visit Kolhapur whenever it is possible.

Meanwhile, at RBK, Manas tells Revati that he has a new song in mind and if she approves it then they can start preparing for the recording. The latter tells him that he has a lot of time practice because they are not recording. Upon asking the reason, she tells him that the investors have backed off from the project. Later that day, Revati calls Sameer in her cabin and says that she wants to talk to him about something important. Hearing this, Manas gets confused as Revati would never use to take any business calls without him. 

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