Phulpakhru: 5 Ways In Which Vaidehi Can Prove Revati’s Accusations Against Manas

Vaidehi can reach out to the tea seller who saw the incident that really happened between Manas and Revati.

Manjiri Shete

October 8, 2019


4 min


In case you have missed it, a lot has happened in Phulpakhru. Manas has gone from being RBK and Revati’s golden boy to being the most hated person in her eyes. She tried A LOT to turn Sameer and Manas against each other and break their friendship. Those plans failed miserably, after which Revati turned towards falsely accusing Manas of molesting her while they were on the way to their work meeting in the evening. Now, as the situation is complicated, Vaidehi is involved too. To prove every one of husband’s innocence, Vaidehi has to do something. So, we took this opportunity to show how Vaidehi can go with her plan.

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

1. Revati had gifted shirts to Manas and Sameer. She asked Manas to wear that shirt when she and Manas were going for a meeting in the evening. But, luckily Manas wore Revati’s shirt to office in the morning and for the evening meeting, he changed into a different attire on Vaidehi’s insistence. Now, in the (fake) pictures which Revati showed of Manas molesting her, he is wearing the shirt which she had gifted him. This proves that man in the pictures isn’t Manas as he was wearing the attire of Vaidehi’s choice at that time frame.

2. When Manas and Revati were on the way to the work meeting in the evening, the car had to be stopped due to some issue. While resolving the issue, a mechanic clicked Manas’ pictures with Revati which manipulate the truth. We think Revati had already bribed the mechanic. Vaidehi can reach out to him and grill him with questions.

3. Along with the mechanic, Vaidehi can also reach out to the tea seller who saw what REALLY went down between Manas and Revati. He can speak up and protect Manas’ reputation. This way, nobody will have to take Revati’s word as gospel.

4. While Revati and Manas were in the car, Sameer had called but Revati didn’t let Manas and Sameer speak to each other over the phone. This was her effort to isolate both of them. Through this Manas can realise how deep-rooted and forethought Revati’s plan is.

5. If Revati’s side was innocent, she wouldn’t have to threaten her employees for taking Manas’ side. At the same time, she wouldn’t have to emotionally blackmail Sameer of taking sleeping pills, when he wanted to step up for Manas. These discrepancies in Revati’s behaviour should make Sameer aware that his bestie is speaking the truth and not Revati.

Do you want to add any more points to the ones above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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