Phulpakhru 29 June 2019 Written Update: Sulu And Aai To Have A Heart To Heart Conversation

Ashutosh Oak

June 29, 2019


3 min

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas informs Baba that they are planning to play board games the next day. Baba suggests that they need to have a prize for the winner like the person who gets the queen in the first place will get a chance to say or ask a question to any family member. Next day, before starting the game, Vaidehi says that Aai and Atya say they are not experts at carrom so they can’t play. Just then Sulu steps in and teams up with Vaidehi.

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In tonight’s episode, while playing carrom, Manas hits the queen and it falls out. Atya quickly picks it up and says that they have won. Manas smartly takes the queen from Atya’s hands and runs to his bedroom. Vaidehi follows Manas and gets the queen from him by fooling him. When she comes back downstairs, she throws the queen towards Aai but Baba catches it and says that he has won the game.

All of them agree and give a chance to Baba to ask a question. Baba says that he wants to ask a question to Sulu. Hearing this Aai, Atya, Vaidehi and even Manas get surprised. Baba goes to Sulu and asks her which toothpaste does she use. Hearing this, everyone starts laughing and Manas gets disappointed. Later that day, Sulu asks Baba that she very well knows that he lied to her by asking about the toothpaste. She then promises him that whatever he wishes to ask, she will answer it honestly.

Aai comes there and sees Sulu and Baba holding hands. She throws the glass in her hand in anger and goes to the terrace. Baba follows Aai and tells her that her behaviour was rude. Aai replies to him that he has crossed the limits by holding Sulu’s hands inside the house. Just then, Sulu comes upstairs and hears this conversation. She interrupts between Aai and Baba and tells Baba to go downstairs as she wants to talk to Aai about it.

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