Phulpakhru 29 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Shubham Gets The Tender

Ashutosh Oak

April 29, 2019


3 min

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas’parents surprise Vaidehi on her birthday and spend time with them. Sameer plans to get close to Tanya but she keeps reminding him that they aren’t married yet and so need to maintain distance. Manas takes Vaidehi for a surprise romantic dinner and both of them spend quality time together.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Manas and Vaidehi are enjoying their dinner, just then Manas gets a call from Revati.  She tells Manas about their meeting and asks him to pass the phone call to Vaidehi as she wants to wish her on her birthday. After disconnecting the call, Manas tells Vaidehi that he feels weird about Revati as she has never called him to her office and she always meets him at his home or the restaurant. Vaidehi tells Manas to relax as she will call him at office at the right time.

Next morning, Vaidehi gets ready to go to the office as an important tender is going to be declared and their company has to get it. Manas gets ready and leaves to meet Revati in the restaurant. At the office, everyone is excited about the tender results. While Vaidehi is waiting for the results, Shubham comes to Vaidehi’s office with a box of sweets. Seeing this Vaidehi tells Shubham that he is overconfident but deep inside Vaidehi has a feeling that something is not right.

At the restaurant, Revati apologises to Manas as she came late because of her extended meeting. She then tells Manas that his songs have been liked by the business partners and RBK music company has arranged a special live performance of Manas. Hearing this Manas gets happy and thanks Revati.

Vaidehi comes to know that they did not get the tender and it has gone to Shubham and his company. Shubham who already knew about this comes near Vaidehi and tells her that she was the one who was overconfident and not him.

Will Vaidehi know that a person from her office is secretly working for Shubham? Keep watching to know more.

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