Phulpakhru 28 September 2019 Written Update: Vaidehi Decides To Teach A Lesson To Revati

In tonight’s episode, Vaidehi gets shocked to see Manas’s condition and decides to teach a lesson to Revati.

Ashutosh Oak

September 28, 2019


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In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas comes to RBK and notices that Sameer is upset. Upon asking the reason, Sameer asks him what did he do it Revati. Manas gets shocked and tells Sameer to come along and clarify in front of Revati. Sameer is manipulated by Revati that he stops Manas from talking to her. This infuriates Manas and he leaves RBK. Revati reminds Sameer of the video call where Manas had told him that he doesn’t want to come to the meeting.

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In tonight’s episode, Vaidehi comes home and tells Manas that she had a wonderful day at work and an important client has agreed to do a partnership with their company. While talking, she realises that Manas is not responding to anything.

She then asks him why is he upset. The latter tells her that Sameer has accused him of molesting Revati. Hearing this, Vaidehi gets shocked and gets her mobile to call Sameer but Manas restricts her from doing so. Vaidehi then questions Manas if something has really happened. The latter tells her that Sameer is manipulated by Revati that is why she won’t get her answers. Vaidehi doesn’t listen to Manas and calls Sameer. He doesn’t answer her call as he is equally upset about the incident.

Later, Manas imagines all his colleagues blaming him for molesting Revati. He feels miserable and gets disturbed by the thoughts of being guilty. Just then, Vaidehi comes there and asks Manas to calm down and go to sleep. Vaidehi tries calling Sameer again but he doesn’t answer her calls. She then decides to teach a lesson to Revati by meeting her personally. 

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