Phulpakhru 28 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Baba Leaves Without Telling Anyone

Baba gets ready to go out. When asked by Aai about where is he going, he refuses to answer her.

Ashutosh Oak

May 28, 2019


3 min


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, everybody is seen enjoying the party except for Tanya. When Sameer and Revati play the game together, she suddenly faints and falls on the floor. A few moments later she hints Vaidehi that she is acting to stop Sameer and Revati. After coming home, Vaidehi tries to get Baba’s mobile but Manas informs this to Baba and both run all over the house to get the mobile.

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In tonight’s episode, while everyone is running behind Tanya, Baba sees that his mobile is with Atya. He walks towards Atya without anyone noticing him. He offers water to Kusum Atya and swiftly gets his mobile phone from her. At night, Vaidehi is angry on Manas as he supported Baba. Manas tells her that when they come inside their room, it’s only two of them and no one else between them.

In the morning, Manas gets a phone call from Revati. Seeing that he is in the bathroom, Vaidehi receives it for him. She tells Manas that Revati has given a message for him that he has to reach office on time as they have an urgent meeting. When she goes near the bathroom to tell him the message, he pulls her inside. Atya comes in their room searching for Vaidehi and asks Manas about her. He replies saying she is not with him.

Just when Atya is about to get out of the room, she hears Vaidehi’s voice and tells Manas that she knows where Vaidehi is. After getting ready to leave for the office, Aai tells Manas that Baba’s hasn’t informed anyone about where is he going. He tries calling Baba but his mobile is switched off. 

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