Phulpakhru 28 June 2019 Written Update: Sulu To Team Up With Vaidehi For The Game

Ashutosh Oak

June 28, 2019


3 min

In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Sameer meets Tanya and asks her the reason for coming to RBK. She tells him that she came to meet him but instead, got surprised after learning about his love lessons to his colleagues. Baba returns home and tells Atya and Vaidehi that he met Kaminikant. This shocks the ladies and they decide to tell the truth to Baba. Atya and Vaidehi go to Baba and reveal the secret of Kaminikant.

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In tonight’s episode, Manas tells Vaidehi that he has a holiday the next day. Vaidehi immediately gets an idea to have a family bonding session by playing carrom since everyone has gone through a lot of drama. Manas goes to Baba to tell this. Baba tells him that it is a great idea but they need to have a prize for the winner. He then suggests that the person who gets the queen in the first place will get a chance to say or ask a question to any family member and that member has to answer it honestly. 

Next morning, Atya comes on the terrace and sees Baba warming up before the game. On the other hand, Aai keeps carrom striker and coins before God and prays to help them win. Later, Atya asks Baba that if they get the queen then who will he ask the question. He tells her that he will ask a question to Sulu. Hearing this, Aai gets irritated. A few moments later Sulu comes home and is all excited for the game.

Before starting the game, Vaidehi says that Aai and Atya both are not experts at carrom. Just then Sulu steps in and gets ready to accompany Vaidehi. Seeing this Baba gets confused as he also wants to win the game but doesn’t want to defeat his dear friend.

Who do you think will win the game Baba and Manas or Vaidehi and Sulu? Let us know in the comments section below.

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