Phulpakhru 27 July 2019 Written Update: Manas To Resign From RBK?

In the previous episode, Manas returns to RBK and questions Revati if she took money from the jewellery shop owner for his appearance.

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July 29, 2019


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In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas reaches the venue and inaugurates the jewellery shop. Things turn bad when the owner of the shop asks Manas to sing a song for them. He repeatedly refuses to do so and seeing this, the owner gets irritated. He insults Manas by holding his hand and pulling him out of his shop. Before he leaves, he hears that the owner had paid money to get him for the inauguration.

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In the recent episode, Atya sees that Vaidehi is worried about something. Upon asking the reason, the latter says that Manas has not called her yet and somehow she is not having a good feeling about it. Atya tells her to relax and says that he might be busy in the event which why he didn’t call.

Meanwhile, Manas returns to RBK and tells Revati about the incident that happened at the inauguration ceremony. Hearing this, Revati simply says that he shouldn’t have reacted that way and it was his fault. This infuriates Manas and he tells her that he is a singer and he will never compromise with his self-respect for money. The latter reminds him of the contract he signed and warns him that if he walks out of the office then he might have to face its consequences.

Manas turns back and tells Revati that he is resigning right away. Seeing all of this, Sameer goes to Revati and tries to calm her down. She tells him that she cannot tolerate such behaviour. He then asks her to allow him to go to Manas and make him understand.

Later that day, Sameer meets Manas at the tapri and tries to explain the situation. Manas feels that Sameer is on Revati’s side and asks him to leave him alone.

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