Phulpakhru 24 October 2019 Preview: Manas And Vaidehi To Get Separated?

Ashutosh Oak

October 23, 2019


1 min

In tonight’s episode of PhulpakhruVaidehi follows Manas till home and tells him that he cannot run away every time. A few moments later, both of them realise their mistake and apologise to each other. Manas reads the letter and comes to know that Revati wants him and Sameer to look after RBK and create new music. Sameer asks Manas about Vaidehi but he ignores the topic. Upon insisting, Manas tells him that he and Vaidehi are getting separated. 

Watch the latest episode below:

In the preview of the next episode, Tanya calls Atya and tells her that Manas and Vaidehi have decided to opt for divorce and get separated. Hearing this, Atya gets shocked and asks the reason to Manas. The latter doesn’t answer her and says that they took the decision with each others consent.

What do you think will happen in the next episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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