Phulpakhru 24 July 2019 Written Update: Kuldeep Tries To Threaten Vaidehi

In tonight’s episode, Kuldeep calls Vaidehi to threaten her but instead, she reminds him of the previous days.

Ashutosh Oak

July 24, 2019


3 min


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas and Vaidehi request Sameer to talk to Tanya but he tells them that their relationship is over. Kuldeep calls Atya and threatens her to give her signatures or else be ready to face the consequences. At RBK, Sameer and Manas suggest everyone go out and have tea at the tapri. There, they meet their college friend Gaurav.

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In tonight’s episode, Vaidehi tries to call Tanya to know if she is fine. When Manas comes there, he tells Vaidehi to stop calling her as she is an immature girl. Hearing this, the latter tells Manas to stop taking Sameer’s side and understand that both of them are equally responsible for the situation. The next day, Manas realises his mistake and apologises to Vaidehi. They both decide that they will let Sameer and Tanya sometime to recover.

At RBK, Revati enters the office and sees Manas and Sameer’s friend Gaurav sitting there. Before she could say anything, Gaurav thinks that she is a newcomer and starts bragging about himself. He tells her that he is best friends with Revati and will recommend her name if she woks hard. Revati enjoys this drama and tells her name is Ruhi. A few moments later, Manas and Sameer enter the office and after seeing Gaurav there, they get shocked. Revati hints and tells them to say nothing and let him continue.

At home, Vaidehi observes that Atya is upset about something. Upon asking the reason, she tells her about Kuldeep’s call. The latter ensures that she is not afraid of such threats. Later that day, Kuldeep calls Vaidehi to threaten her but instead, she tells reminds him of the consequences when he earlier tried to threaten her. She also tells him that last time she let him go because he was Atya’s husband but this time, it won’t happen again.

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