Phulpakhru 22 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vaidehi To Hijack Baba’s Mobile

Tanya and Vaidehi plan to hijack Baba’s mobile to get the contact details of Sulu.

Ashutosh Oak

May 22, 2019


3 min


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Baba comes home and tries to make Aai understand that there is nothing between him and Sulochana. While talking to her, he gets a phone call and Aai gets angry. Vaidehi and Manas are also having a small debate upon who is right and who is wrong. She tells him that she agrees to what Aai has to say and supports her. Whereas Manas feels that Baba and Sulochana might be just friends and Aai is making a big deal out of it.

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In tonight’s episode, Baba asks Vaidehi about Maahi as he wants to play with her. She tells him that because she was awake till late night yesterday, she is still asleep and will wake up after some time. While talking to her, Baba gets a call and he suddenly moves away. Vaidehi notices this sudden change in Baba’s behaviour and remembers what Aai told about him.

At RBK, Revati comes to office and asks Manas to come to her cabin. She tells him that even she is upset and the reason is her uncle. She further continues saying her uncle is having an affair with his colleague and her aunt is tensed about it. Manas who is lost in his own thoughts gets shocked to hear something similar to what is happening in his own house. After coming out of Revati’s cabin, Sameer pulls his leg by asking him about Sulu.

The same day, Vaidehi meets Tanya to ask if she has got any plan to know more about Sulu. She tells her that she has to somehow get Sulu’s contact number from Baba’s mobile so that they can contact Sulu and question her directly. At home, Baba is talking to someone over the phone and seeing him, Aai comes near him and keeps staring at him. Baba feels uncomfortable and tries to move away but Aai keeps following him.

In the evening, Vaidehi comes home and sees that Baba’s mobile is kept on the table unattended. She then runs towards the mobile to get Sulu’s number but just then Baba comes downstairs and takes his mobile phone with him.

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