Phulpakhru 19 September 2019 Written Update: Will Revati Succeed In Her Evil Plan?

In tonight’s episode, Revati makes sure that no one is at the office when Manas comes so that she can play her game.

Ashutosh Oak

September 19, 2019


3 min


In the previous episode of PhulpakhruSameer tells Manas that Revati tried to provoke him against him by saying their friendship is not beneficial. Manas tells him that he was aware of Revati’s strategy and he was waiting for it to happen. They decide to go back to RBK post visarjan and talk to Revati. Revati tells them that she provoked Sameer intentionally because she wanted to show her colleagues an example of how great their friendship is. 

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Revati instructs all the employees at RBK to finish their work by 7 pm and leave. In case they are unable to do so, they should do it after going home. She also says that henceforth if she sees anyone post 7, she will take strict action against them.

Sameer comes to the office and observes that everyone is a little upset. He goes to Revati’s cabin and comes to know about the new rule. Revati tells him that he has to go to attend a meeting with the investors in Badlapur. Just then she notices that Sameer has worn the same shirt that she gifted him. She smartly asks Sameer to remind Manas about wearing the shirt given by her. On the other hand, Kelkar goes to a person and gives him money to do the work.

Later that day, Revati calls Manas while he is it at home. She tells him that they have to go to attend an urgent meeting. She asks him to come to RBK so that they can go to the meeting venue together. Revati is waiting for Manas when Mugdha comes to her cabin. Seeing her, the latter gets furious and tells her to leave immediately. 

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