Phulpakhru 16 August 2019 Written Update: Sameer And Manas Miss The Bond They Shared?

In tonight’s episode, Manas realises his mistake of assuming things and holding Sameer accountable for it.

Ashutosh Oak

August 16, 2019


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In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas orders sweets at RBK and distributes them to everyone. When Revati asks him the reason, he says that he is happy for his friend and also thanks her for the surprise. Before leaving the office, Manas announces that he has decided to quit singing as a gift to Sameer which he will never forget. 

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In tonight’s episode, Manas tells Vaidehi about the incident that happened at RBK. After hearing everything, she questions Manas what is bothering him the most, Sameer becoming the lead singer or him keeping this as a secret. The latter says that he is happy that his friend got the opportunity but sad because he was hiding it from him.

Vaidehi then tells Manas that whatever he did in RBK was his assumption. Instead, he should have talked to Sameer once before jumping on any conclusions. Hearing this, Manas gets offended and feels that Vaidehi is pointing out his mistake. But she clarifies that she meant to have a conversation with Sameer.

On one hand, Sameer is upset at RBK. When Tarana notices this, he gets a coffee for Sameer and tries to cheer him up. Mugdha too joins him and they assure him that the differences between Manas and him will sort out soon. On the other hand, Manas is also missing Sameer and the bond they shared.

Later that day, Sameer comes home to talk to Manas. Vaidehi tells him that Manas is asleep. He starts telling her about the incident but Vaidehi says that she is already aware of it. He requests her if he can talk to her for a minute but the latter tells him that he needs to first sort out things with Tanya.

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