Phulpakhru 11 October 2019 Written Update: Revati Admits To Tarnishing Manas’ Image

In tonight’s episode, Revati gets annoyed and admits that she had planned to destroy Manas because she was jealous of him.

Ashutosh Oak

October 11, 2019


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In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Revati tells Sameer that Manas and Vaidehi might have already accepted their defeat and that is why they are avoiding coming to the office. Just then, Manas and Vaidehi enter RBK and the latter gets shocked after seeing them. Vaidehi asks Revati to repeat the whole incident again. She then shows everyone the CCTV footage of that night where Revati is seen paying money to a mechanic.

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In tonight’s episode, Revati tells everyone that she never met the mechanic before. Vaidehi shows a picture of Kelkar to the mechanic and he says that he took money from Kelkar to make changes in Revati’s car. 

Then, Vaidehi shows the shirt that Revati had gifted Manas before the incident. She says that Manas was wearing a different shirt when he left home and in the pictures where he was trying to molest Revati the shirt was different. Revati gets annoyed and admits that she had planned to destroy Manas. Sameer and other colleagues get shocked after they hearing this. 

Revati says that she was jealous of Manas because he had a best friend like Sameer, a partner like Vaidehi and on the other hand she had nothing. Vaidehi interrupts her saying she doesn’t want to listen to anything of that and asks Manas to punish Revati for her actions. Manas tells her to get out of the office. The moment Revati opens the door, she sees her parents standing there. Vaidehi comes there and requests Revati’s parents to be with her so that she will get all the love and care she deserves. 

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