Phulpakhru 11 July 2019 Written Update: Tanya Brings Baba’s Umbrella Back

In tonight’s episode, Baba is happy to get his umbrella back and thanks Tanya for it.

Ashutosh Oak

July 11, 2019


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In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Vaidehi suggests Baba to carry a new umbrella but he tells her that the umbrella that he is currently using has a lot of memories attached to it. In the evening, Baba tells Atya that he lost his old umbrella. While going out, he wears a raincoat and complains about how uncomfortable it is. At RBK, Jyoti tries to create problems for Manas.

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Manas tells Sameer that Tanya is upset because of all the arguments going on between them. He then asks him to call her once and talk to her. Tanya is sitting in the park when she gets a call from Sameer. She receives it but both of them stay silent and at last Sameer disconnects the call. She is about to leave from the park when a beggar comes there and asks her to buy an umbrella from him and give him some money to buy food.

Later that day, Manas brings a new umbrella for Baba and tries to explain to him its benefits. But Baba refuses to use it and says that he only wants his umbrella back. Vaidehi and Manas discuss the problems going on between Sameer and Tanya. He suggests Vaidehi to call Tanya at home and talk to her.

Next morning, Baba comes home after filling a missing complaint of his umbrella. He tells Aai and Atya how all the policemen made fun of him for filling a missing complaint of an umbrella. A few moments later, Tanya comes home and sees Baba upset. Vaidehi tells her about the umbrella. Just then she remembers that she also forgot the umbrella that she bought from a beggar in the rickshaw.

While they are talking, the rickshaw driver comes back to give her the umbrella. Seeing the umbrella, Vaidehi gets shocked as it is the same one that Baba is looking out for. After getting the umbrella back, Baba is really happy and thanks Tanya.

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