Phulpakhru 10 August 2019 Written Update: Sameer And Tanya Come Face To Face

In tonight’s episode, Gaurav decides to have a small get together at Manas’s house and calls Tanya and Sameer.

Ashutosh Oak

August 10, 2019


3 min


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas comes to present a new song to Revati but she makes him wit for a very long time. Later, when he starts to sing, she gets a call and she asks him to wait for some time. This happens twice and Manas gets irritated. Meanwhile, Vaidehi takes Atya to the cafe where she used to hang out with her friends. Manas leaves early from the office and finds out that Vaidehi and Atya are not at home.

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In tonight’s episode, after waiting for Vaidehi and Atya for a while, Manas decides to go to a restaurant as he is hungry. After reaching there, he calls Gaurav and asks him if he wants to join. Meanwhile, at home, Vaidehi makes a special dish for Manas thinking he might be hungry after coming from the office.

Gaurav tells Manas that he met Vaidehi and Atya coincidently and that is why he had called him. Later, Gaurav comes home with Manas and they decide to play a prank on Vaidehi. When she opens the door, Manas acts as if he is drunk. A few moments later, Vaidehi says that Baba is upstairs and hearing this, Manas stops acting and gets caught. Everyone bursts into laughter and Manas admits that he is not good at acting.

Later that day, Gaurav makes a plan to have a small get together that evening and calls Tanya. At first, Tanya tells him that she is not in the mood but Gaurav and Vaidehi convince her to come there. Gaurav then calls Sameer and tells him to come at Manas’s house. When he reaches there, he sees Tanya and is about to return when Vaidehi asks him to stop.

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