Parvathy Aka Shabana Shajahan’s Glamourous Avatar Will Drive Away Your Midweek Blues

Shabana plays the lead role in Sembaruthi, the most popular Tamil daily soap co-starring Priya Raman and Karthik Raj.

July 10, 2019


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As Parvathy of Sembaruthi, Shabana Shajahan has won a million hearts. The pretty girl, who romances Karthik Raj (who plays Adithya) on screen, stays connected with her fans on social media by sharing pics and videos. Shabana’s most recent pic reveals her glamorous side, and you will be surprised to see her in the new avatar.

Watch the latest episode of Sembaruthi here:

Shabana’s pic is a closeup of her pretty face. It shows her wearing hair extensions and sporting a black leather jacket. The pic has an inspiring caption too. It says: “Be addicted to making yourself better #shabbo”.
Check out the pic here:

Doesn’t Shabana rock the glamorous look?

For those who joined in late, Shabana plays the lead role in Sembaruthi, the most popular Tamil daily soap co-starring Priya Raman, VJ Kathir, Janani Ashok Kumar, Lakshmi, Bharatha Naidu, Mounika and Sanjay Kumar Asrani in pivotal roles.

The story revolves around Adithya and Parvathy who hail from different financial backgrounds. Parvathy’s father works as Adithya’s mother, Akhilandeshwari’s driver. She is a business tycoon and the matriarch of the Adhikadavur family. Adithya, the Managing Director of 15 companies, falls in love with Parvathy, who works as a cook in his house. Adithya and Parvathy get married secretly. Only his father Purushothaman and brother Arun approve of their marriage. The current track focuses on Purushothaman’s efforts to convince Akhilandeshwari to accept Adithya and Parvathy’s relationship.

In the latest episode, Purushothaman suffers a heart attack. To know whether or not he will disclose the truth about Adithya-Parvathy’s marriage to Akhilandeshwari, keep watching Sembaruthi.

And for more entertainment, watch Nachiyarpuram starring real-life couple Dinesh and Rachitha.

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