Parmeshwara aka Veerayya From Paaru Needs To Change His Approach To Life, Here’s Why!

Parmeshwara aka Veerayya is hot-headed and a lot more; here’s what he should do to lead a more peaceful life.


March 12, 2020

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Parmeshwara aka Veerayya from Paaru shares a close relation with Raghu and Akhila, whose children are residing in his house in order to get his daughter Janani married to Akhila’s son Preethu. However, a few aspects about Veerayya must be changed to bring in more peace and harmony in the family.

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Here’s what he should do!

Veerayya is short-tempered and stubborn. He does not want to listen to what the other person has to say and is very firm and unapologetic about his orders and views. However, this will not only harm the life of his own daughter, but cause unhappiness everywhere around him. There have been some misunderstandings between him, Raghu and Akhila over his sister Lakshmi. Even though the reason has not been established, it is evident that they are sorry for whatever has happened in the past. They also apologise to Veerayya for everything that has happened with Akhila, even going to the extent of begging him to give them another chance.

Veerayya, on the other hand, is adamant and calls them murderers of his sister. He is extreme with his decisions that prove harmful to his family. Even when Appaji tries to explain the situation to him, he stands strong with regard to his opinions and disregards his father in this process.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

In turn, he must be forgiving of what has happened in the past and move on to making better decisions with regard to his daughter and family. Without asking Janani if she wants to get married to anyone in particular or even wants to get married for that matter, he arranges for a boy to come, see her. Veerayya has created so much fear around him that his own children are unable to express their views and opinions. He must adopt a friendly attitude so that there is honesty in his house and the ability to express views are possible.

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